Symposium über das Weniger Werden



19 Uhr: Ubbo Kügler: Palimpsest

Am Anfang steht die Löschung der Information auf einem Blatt durch Abschaben oder Übermalen. Die Oberfläche wird wieder verwendet. Unter der neuen Information taucht der gelöschte Inhalt als Schatten oder Erinnerung wieder auf. Das Palimpsestieren kann auch als Metapher für geistige und kreative Prozesse verwendet werden.



20:30 Uhr: Miki Yui: mamagoto (2010)

Miki Yui: audio recorder, audio player, speaker, diverse materials variable dimensions

Dauer: ca. 20 Minuten

Miki Yui often takes interest in small sounds bordering the limits of our perception, and produce simple almost minimalistic set-up’s, which heighten the spectator’s attention to environmental and produced sound. Investigating sound as a mediation between the experienced physical space and spaces of memory and imagination, her work deals with appearance, disappearance and existence. Miki Yui lives and works in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Her work „mamagoto“ refers to a game that children play from time immemorial across the world (in this case, obviously, it refers to Japanese children) that consists in imitating adults' culinary practices: as a matter of fact, the word 'mama' (which belongs to baby talk and is borrowed from the ancient spoken language) means 'food', especially rice, while 'goto' (or 'koto') means 'thing', or 'object'.

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